Washing your car at home is one of the most environmentally unfriendly things you can do. What runs off your car can be a toxic combo of gasoline, oil, residues and harsh cleaning chemicals that sweep down the driveway, not the sewer system like your household waste,  into storm drains and eventually into our rivers and streams where it can poison aquatic life and wreak havoc on the ecosystem.  What’s more, you are using on average 85 gallons of water at home, as opposed to 56 gallons at your favorite SpeedWash Car Wash location.

Commercial car washes like SpeedWash Car Wash minimize water usage and reclaim and recycle their water. We also use environmentally friendly solutions.  In addition, when the water is eventually released, it goes into the sewer system, where our municipalities treat it before being sent back into the environment. 

Last, but not least, if you’re concerned about the expense, especially in the winter months when the roads are not friendly to your cars exterior, consider a SpeedWash unlimited monthly wash plan. For one low price per month, our SpeedPass lets you can wash your vehicle as many times as you want! Just talk to an attendant at any SpeedWash location and they’ll be happy to give you the details.