It's no secret that the cost of fuel is skyrocketing. Short of relying on pedal power, how can you cut your fuel expenditures?
Here are nine tips from SpeedWash Car Wash to help cut costs when it comes to your weekly fuel bill.

1. Calm down

Aggressive overtaking, swift acceleration and heavy braking all contribute to an increase in fuel consumption.
Some say by up to 30%. By simply driving less aggressively, you could save hundreds of dollars over the course
of the year depending on how much you drive. And, calming down will not only save your fuel, but your health will benefit, too.
So, relax and enjoy the drive.

2. Empty your truck

Carrying around excess weight in the trunk will impact your fuel consumption. It's easy to forget about items you may have stored away in the back of your car, but just because it's out of sight and out of mind, doesn't mean it's not making a difference. If you take the time to empty your truck, you may well notice an increase in fuel economy.

3. Remove your roof rack

While a roof rack comes in very handy when you want to transport items that won't fit in the car, the aerodynamic drag will increase fuel consumption. According to Berkeley Lab, a roof rack can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 25 percent. Even an empty roof rack may result in a 2 percent increase in fuel economy, which adds up. Even though it can be a pain, remove your roof rack when not in use. Opt for a roof rack that is easy to fix and remove.

4. Check your tires

According to some experts, you can get an extra 26 miles from a 16-gallon tank of fuel by ensuring your tires are correctly inflated. As a rule, tires lose about 1 PSI per month. A monthly check will enable you to keep your tires properly inflated, saving you money at the pump which could be a significant saving over the year.

5. Use a cashback credit card

By using a cashback credit card, you could save a few extra dollars here and there, which could have a surprising cumulative effect. In addition to cashback credit cards, don't be in a rush to dismiss joining up for loyalty cards which will provide you with an additional saving.

6. Keep windows closed (or nearly)

When getting into warmer weather, it might seem a good idea to cruise down the highway with your windows wide open. However, this creates significant drag for which the engine must work harder, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Certainly, when driving at high speed down the highway, keep the windows closed.

7. Shop around

Obviously, this must be done within reason as there will come a point in which driving around looking for the cheapest fuel will turn into a false economy.

8. Switch your AC off

Many people erroneously dismiss this as a myth. It isn't. Your air conditioning draws power from the engine and therefore reduces your fuel efficiency. According to some sources, having your AC on can increase fuel consumption by between 8-10 percent. Despite what was said earlier about the benefits of keeping the windows closed as the car must push harder through added air resistance, it appears that this is better than using your AC. So, if it's a warm day, rolling the windows down can help with fuel consumption.

According to some sources, a car engine consumes one quarter to half a gallon of fuel per hour when simply idling. Remember that idling a car for 10 seconds consumes more fuel than simply restarting. When it's safe to do so, shut off your engine if you think you'll be stopped for more than a minute. Additionally, excessive idling contributes to the wear and tear of the engine over time. By switching off, you contribute to reducing energy emissions too.

Simply applying one of these suggestions from SpeedWash Car Wash won't make a huge difference, but by combining them, you are sure to see a welcome improvement in your monthly fuel spend.