Buff on a Budget: Essentials for an Inexpensive Home Gym

Many fitness enthusiasts moving their routine from the gym to their home feel compelled to buy expensive exercise equipment to get a quality workout. SpeedWash Car Wash has some great suggestions for staying in shape without breaking the bank. Fitness buffs on a budget can get an effective workout at home with the following pieces that fit any space and any budget.

Cost: $15 - $50

The humble kettlebell is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can own. Kettlebells come in weights from five to over seventy pounds, so there is bound to be one that fits your needs. Look online for kettlebell circuit programs to blast fat and help get some cardio in, or use it to do the same bicep curls, rows, and other exercises you would normally complete with a dumbbell. If you are willing to spend a little more, try an adjustable kettlebell set that can be made heavier as you progress in strength.

Balance ball
Cost: ~$15

Balance balls (sometimes called stability balls) are a fun addition to any fitness routine. Abdominal exercises like jackknife crunches and Russian twists get extra challenging on the unstable surface of a ball and holding the ball during exercises like squats and wall sits adds a new upper body element to the workout. The ball is also useful for stretching, bouncing for cardio, and as seating during normal activities to challenge your core and posture.

Chin up bar
As low as $25

Looking for a quick way to work your arms, back, and chest? Install a chin-up bar in a doorframe! Do a few reps when you pass by or establish a full routine to tone your upper body. You can also do tucks to work your abs and get some cardio in.

Yoga mat

Yoga mats are great for so much more than getting your "ohm" on! Use them to soften the impact of floor exercises, pad the floor for stretches of all kinds and provide extra cushioning for knees and hands during kneeling bodyweight workouts. Their portable nature means that you can stretch, sweat, meditate, and more anywhere in your home (or yard!).

Resistance band

Resistance bands are an easy way to target specific muscle groups for strengthening and toning. Because you use your own bodyweight or different muscle groups to create resistance rather than a weight, you don't need a dumbbell or other equipment for a resistance band training session. Programs for full-body workouts are available online, as well as those that target the lower and upper body specifically. Single resistance bands are usually available for $10 or less, while a set of different lengths and tension levels will set you back about $25.

Vacuuming at SpeedWash Car Wash
Our free vacuums are super easy to access, and vacuuming provides opportunities for stretching and light cardio so while you get your vehicle in tip top shape, you’re shaping up too!. Be sure to add a stop to the wash to your weekly routine!

SpeedWash Car Wash wishes you a happy and healthy new year. With the tools above, you can keep your body fit and your wallet fat.