This summer’s SpeedWash Spotlight goes to Dillon Cosby. Working at SpeedWash for two and a half years, he is extremely knowledgeable at overseeing the tasks it takes to make Speedwash a successful car wash. Dillon is the Assistant Manager at our River Place Avenue location in Bowling Green, where he supervises day to day activities and helps executes our successful training program. Prior to working at SpeedWash, he was a student aid at Western Kentucky university, where he also attended school.

In his spare time, Dillon enjoys playing with his nine-year-old Boxer named Rocky. He also enjoys shooting guns, hanging out with his friends, and grilling his favorite food – steak! Dillion has always dreamt of traveling to Hawaii, so don’t be surprised if you catch him there in the future! Next time you’re at the SpeedWash River Place Ave. location make sure to stop by a for a spotless summer car wash and say hello to Dillon!