From the cost of fuel to scheduled (and unscheduled) trips to the mechanic, car maintenance costs can really add up. If you want to get your budget under control, you need to look for creative ways to save. Here are six ways SpeedWash customers can reduce automotive expenses in the coming year. The money you save on tips 1 – 5 allows you to become an exclusive member of the SpeedWash Unlimited Wash Club and save even more. Now that’s good stuff!

1. Switch to the Lowest Grade Gasoline
Most cars will run just fine on 87 octane fuel, so test your vehicle and see if you can save some money. Here’s how: wait until your tank is close to empty, fill it up with low test and see how it runs. If your car runs fine, you could save hundreds of dollars with this simple change.
If you notice a degradation in performance, you can always go back to a higher fuel grade when the tank runs dry. Either way, there is no harm in seeing if your vehicle will run on lower octane fuel.

2. Raise Your Insurance Deductible
Raising the deductible on your automobile insurance from $250 to $500 could save you hundreds of dollars on premiums. Raising the deductible to $1,000 could save you even more.
To make this change work, take the money you save and put it in a savings account. If you file a claim, you can use that cash to fund your deductible. If you remain accident-free, you can pocket the savings month after month and year after year.

3. Get a Tune-Up
Even if your car is running well, a tune-up can help it run better and more efficiently. An efficiently running engine can improve fuel economy, helping you save at the pump.
Tuning your vehicle up can also reduce the odds of a costly breakdown. While your car is in for its tune-up, your mechanic can give it a good once over, potentially finding issues that might have led to trouble down the line.

4. Consider Carpooling
If you have a long commute, join an existing carpool or set up a new one. This simple action could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Carpooling is also good for the environment and your social life!
If a carpool is not an option, seek alternative forms of transportation. Taking public transportation instead of buying tank after tank of fuel can save money and help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle!

5. Lighten the Load
Having too much weight in your vehicle can take a toll on your fuel economy, so take the time to clean out the trunk and lighten the load. Keeping your car uncluttered will also make handling emergency situations easier. If you get a flat tire, you won’t be digging through your overloaded trunk to find the spare and the jack.
There are certain things you should have in your vehicle, like an emergency kit, perhaps a quart of oil, even an umbrella, but the rest of the stuff can probably go.

6. Join Our Unlimited Wash Club
Driving is much more enjoyable when you have a clean vehicle to do it in. The SpeedWash
Unlimited Wash Club lets you wash your car as often as once a day for one low monthly price. It’s a big savings over single washes and can really add up!
Whether you drive a brand new car or a late model pickup, a few simple changes can cut your operating expenses and put more money in your pocket. Making the six simple changes above can reduce your automotive expenses going forward, so you can drive more and spend less. Happy motoring from SpeedWash Car Wash!