Are you a summer person? Do you long for those long, light days? If you don’t plan to enjoy them, they tend to fly by too fast before you've managed to make the most of them. Opportunities to enjoy this time of year may also be hampered if you have an indoor job, or problems getting out and about. But don't despair - there are solutions. Here are some simple ways to get more out of the summer and its many delights. Pick and mix ideas from this list to bring this fabulous season to life. And remember, with longer days, it means you have more time for a relaxing car wash after a busy day at work or getting the kids to and from summer camps. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a quick, clean and easy wash at your nearest SpeedWash location this summer!

1. Walk to work
If you drive to work each day, park the car a little distance from your destination so you can walk the last stretch, enjoying the morning sunshine. If you travel by bus or train, get off a stop or two early. On your return, you can enjoy the balmy evening air by repeating the arrangement in reverse. Consider walking or cycling the whole route, for maximum sunshine and fresh air. You can use the same approach for other journeys, too.

2. Take your meals outside
Whether you have access to a backyard, balcony or doorstep, there is probably somewhere you can take a snack or meal to enjoy in the sunshine. A bowl of breakfast cereal and a mug of coffee can easily be carried outside, and with a little organization, you could probably sit down to a proper, hot meal out there too. If outside access is a problem, take your meals by an open window or doorway.

3. Pick outdoor venues
If you're meeting friends, pick a venue where you can sit outside. If it's after dark, you can still enjoy the soft, warm air and floral fragrances. A backyard barbecue will be at least as fun as an indoor meal, and a whole lot more refreshing. For daytime fun, choose outdoor activities, such as boat rides, open-air swimming, kite-flying or cycling, rather than sitting in a stuffy cinema, theatre or other indoor setting.

4. Make the most of green spaces
Whenever possible, make time to visit a scenic place where you can enjoy summer to the full. Go to parks you've never stepped foot in before, take trips to rural beauty spots or head to a beach, lake or river. Some outings may require a little planning and travel, but it will be worth the effort to access all the joys of the season before they fade. If you have a garden, yard or any outdoor space, set up a table, chair and sunshade for the season, to incentivize you to pop outside whenever you can. Every glimpse, breath and sun-splash will be worth having.

5. Sit near an open window
If your circumstances prevent you going outside much, arrange your furniture so you can see clearly out of the windows. The blue sky alone will be enough to inspire and motivate you, but if you can catch the scents, sounds and sunshine, too, all the better. With the windows open, you'll be able to hear birdsong, humming bees and other seasonal sounds. Look out for butterflies and other summer insects.

6. Bring your garden closer
Treat yourself to some potted plants and arrange them on your window ledge. Perhaps bring a few pots inside, where you can stroke their petals and inhale their scents without even getting up. You might like to embellish the effect with some hanging baskets, trailing flowers and greenery from above. Many herbs, fruits and vegetables produce attractive scents and leaves, so you don't have to limit your collection to flowers. If you have a balcony, you can fill that to the brim with gorgeous, summer flora, too.

You don't have to travel or take time off work, or even go outside, to absorb the delights of summer. Just catch what you can of it, whenever and however you can, and by the end of the season, you'll feel satisfactorily revitalized by those long, dreamy days.