SpeedWash Car Wash likes helping you save money. That’s why we offer a variety of monthly unlimited wash plans so you can wash every day for one low price. If you're looking for other ways to save some coin, we’ve got some suggestions on how to cut your vehicle's gas consumption. These 6 tips will save you money and reduce air pollution, too, so you and your family will benefit both ways.

1. Use highways instead of minor roads

Fast driving around Kentucky highways can be economical. When you're cruising steadily along a straight highway at reasonable speed, your vehicle will burn less gas per mile than when revving up repeatedly on minor roads, between twists, turns, stops and starts, so plan your routes accordingly. At the other extreme, it also pays to avoid excessive speeds, even when cruising.

2. Avoid congestion

Traffic queues are notorious for the wasted gas fumes they generate, which contaminate the air and can cost the driver dearly. Whether you're stationary or crawling, your car will be guzzling gas, so avoid the busiest times of day whenever possible. If you have a daily drive to work and back at rush hour times, for instance, perhaps set off extra early and try to arrange an earlier finishing time to compensate, avoiding the queues on the return as well, or seek a quieter route.

3. Speed up gradually

The less work your car has to do, the less energy it will need, so drive it smoothly, keeping revs low and steady whenever feasible. Take hills gently, accelerating gradually when the road levels out, sustaining the continuity when overtaking vehicles and negotiating corners. If you can see a queue ahead, there's no point in rushing towards it and jamming the brakes on at the last minute, burning gas needlessly, when you can ease to a halt in low gear.

4. Switch off in long delays

If you're unlucky enough to be stuck in a traffic jam for a seriously long time, switch off the motor and save gas. It's only worth doing this in long delays, though, as starting up takes energy, too. If in doubt, exit your vehicle (safely!) and survey the situation. Don't go by what the other drivers are doing - they may not be so concerned about wasting gas, though they may follow your example.

5. Drive a smaller car

If you have a second, smaller car, it'll probably use less gas, especially if it's modern and in good condition, so use that instead when possible. If you're planning to change your vehicle, look out for one that's more economical to run.

6. Cut down on journeys

A simple way to reduce your car's gas consumption is to drive less. Consider whether you can shorten your journey by walking part way, or avoid it completely by jogging, cycling, skating or scooting there and back - and getting fit at the same time. Otherwise, consider public transport, which could prove cheaper than a car drive and save parking costs at the other end. Car-sharing is another option. Take turns with friends or colleagues traveling the same way each day, alternating as driver and passenger and sharing travel costs. Sometimes, it may be possible to save an entire journey by adjusting your arrangements.

Once you start looking for ways to reduce your car's energy consumption, you'll enjoy the challenge. You'll also get more pleasure out of driving when you can stop stressing about gas. Happy driving from the entire team at SpeedWash!