1. Car rug

It's always a good idea to keep a rug or travel blanket in your car because you never know when someone might find themselves stranded in chilly conditions. If your friend or relative hasn't acquired one yet, this gift may prove quite useful. It'll also come in handy for picnics, especially if you choose one with a waterproof backing. A warm, woolly rug can be welcome for roadside naps, too.

2. Windshield protection

A windscreen shield can be crucial for keeping a car in a drivable condition in extreme weather conditions. Whether it's keeping the sun off the seats or preventing ice from forming on the glass, a well-fitting aluminum sheet will protect it from the elements while parked outside. Use the car's registration number to check recommended proportions for the intended windscreen, and pick a design with the correct fastenings, or use magnetic, stick-on pads. For more substantial protection, look at canvass shields and whole-car covers.

3. Seat covers

There are lots of attractive seat covers available to brighten up car interiors and protect the upholstery. Depending on your gift recipients tastes and circumstances, you might go for fluffy and luxurious or smooth and serviceable, with designs ranging from bright patterns, pictures, and cartoons to quiet, uniform tones. If children or dogs travel in the car, look out for washable, wipeable fabrics. Read three remaining gift ideas here (link:

4. A new GPS navigation system

The vehicle owner you have in mind is sure to have a global position system (GPS) in their car, but is it a recent model? These sophisticated products are continually updated, so if the current one is a few years old, a smart, up-to-the-minute replacement could prove helpful. Prices vary considerably for these gadgets but are higher than the other items on this list, so study the options and reviews for a wise but affordable choice.

5. Car cleaning equipment

Your friend or relative will want to keep their vehicle looking pristine, and will probably even enjoy cleaning it. Check what cleaning equipment they already have so that you can top it up with something useful. A hand-held vacuum cleaner is a great asset, making light work of clearing crumbs, mud and general dirt from the car's floor and upholstery. Prices vary, but you could find some bargain discounts in the catalogs. You could also buy polish, cloths and sponges. Look out for a smart set, or collect them individually for preferred style choices.

6. Car kettle

Encourage your enthusiastic driver to take regular rest stops by providing them with a specially designed car kettle! With the kettle plugged into the car's cigarette lighter and the engine on, they'll be able to brew up a cup of joe, wherever they are! There are plenty to choose from at reasonable prices, some with accompanying cups and stands. Consider adding a picnic basket to accommodate the extra pieces, and throwing in a few goodies.

Each of these gifts are sure to be a pleasant surprise for any driver on your gift list.