It is that time of year: spring showers, flowers, and spring graduates!

Shopping for high school or college graduates can be a challenge. Unfortunately, they do not offer a gift registry, and young adults in their teens and early twenties are a notoriously tricky group for whom to shop. However, with some imagination, you can find a great (and practical) gift for the graduate in your life. Speedwash Car Wash handcrafted a list of gift suggestions to impress any graduate!

Car Wash Gift Cards

Car wash gift cards are a practical gift for anyone, especially a new grad! Keeping any space clean can be a challenge - whether transitioning to a dorm or moving into a first apartment, life can get messy. So, help prepare your recent scholar for life on their own with Speedwash Car Wash Gift Cards, a gift that will keep them smiling and thinking of you during every wash.

Membership in an unlimited wash club, roadside service plan, or another convenient subscription service

Does the graduate in your life have to drive a lot - to school or to work or both? Consider gifting an unlimited car wash membership to SPEEDWASH CAR WASH so they can keep their vehicle clean on a regular basis year-round, helping them maintain the value of their car. Or, consider a year-long membership in a service like AAA. AAA's services include towing if their car breaks down, providing jumps to batteries that have died, and even helping retrieve keys that have been locked inside a car. If your graduate plans to travel, AAA offers travel services as well.

Memberships that can provide meals are also helpful; even the old standby of deliveries from a fruit-of-the-month club ensures that your young graduate eats something healthy once a month.

Comfort gifts

If your graduate is going to college or moving away from home, consider a wide variety of gifts to make their new abode cozier. This item can include soft, cuddly blankets; a high-quality pillow; a giant stuffed animal, or Pillow Pet Also, consider cozy food supplies like a box of instant cocoas or teas.

Depending on the climate, it might be helpful to gift someone a comfortable and stylish hat, scarf, or mittens. Such items are always getting lost, so it is helpful to have extras on hand for those frigid winter mornings when your young friend must walk to classes across campus.

A small tool kit

Not every graduate will grow up knowing how to fix things, but nearly everyone finds uses for essential tools as they navigate life independently. So, look for a kit that includes a couple of different screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, a variety of Allen wrenches, a tape measure, an adjustable wrench, a pair of all-purpose scissors, and a small hammer.

If the person you are shopping for will have a longer commute to school or work, you might assemble a car safety kit. Such a kit could include a small first-aid kit, several rain ponchos, a flashlight, road flares, jumper cables (include instructions on how to use them, or suggest they only use them with someone who has used them before), duct tape, an extra car cell-phone charger, and a reflective emergency blanket.

Food-storage items that are easy on the environment

Many graduates are environmentally conscious and will welcome tools that will help them minimize plastic use. For example, consider gifting your grad a variety of reusable food containers, silicone food storage bags, silicone or metal straws, and other food wraps that are reusable.


Never underestimate the popularity of this easy-to-buy, easy-to-wrap, and always-appreciated gift. It fits everyone, everyone likes the color, and nobody has ever returned a cash gift.

Show the recent grad how much you love them and wish them well with any of these practical and cost-effective gifts. We hope this list from Speedwash Car Wash will make your gift hunting easier this year.