Auto glass is essential to your comfort and safety in any car. Keeping your auto glass in good shape also helps to keep your car looking great. Modern auto glass has superior characteristics that make it able to stand up to a lot of forces, but it’s not invincible. There are certain factors that can gradually degrade your auto glass if you don't take certain precautions. SpeedWash Car Wash, with locations in Bowling Green, Somerset and Louisville, KY, as well as Jeffersonville, IN, has some helpful hints to better ensure your auto glass lasts and remains in its best condition.

Keep Your Distance from the Car in Front of You

One of the things that can lead to rapid deterioration of your car's windshield is chipping. Chipping is usually caused by rocks that have been sent flying by other cars. When you drive too close to other vehicles, there is an increased chance of this happening. This is even worse when you're driving on a gravel road or behind a large truck on the highway.

Avoid Parking in the Sun

Parking in the sun doesn't just heat up your car seats. Extreme temperatures can cause deterioration of your auto glass, too. This is because high temperatures can cause small cracks to expand. In the summer, temperatures can rise quickly, so it's a good idea to find some shade for your car when parking.

Check and Replace Wipers Regularly

Windshield wipers will wear out eventually. This is due to the movement between the rubber and the glass and the effect of the sun on the rubber. When your wipers have suffered some wear and tear, they can leave scratches in your windshield. This is not just an aesthetic concern. Scratches are also weak points that can become cracks in the future.

Repair Chips and Cracks Quickly

Make sure cracks are repaired as quickly as possible. Cracks and chips act like weak spots that can lead to further damage to the glass. Large cracks will develop from smaller existing cracks, spider-webbing to other parts of the auto glass. An auto glass repair shop can help to prevent such issues. Repairing auto glass will not eliminate the crack. However, it will make it less likely to spread to the rest of your windshield.

If you take good care of your auto glass, it can last for quite a while. At SpeedWash Car Wash, we want you to get the most out of your vehicle, so you can keep on driving safely and comfortably. Lastly, remember to keep your auto glass clean with regular stops at any convenient SpeedWash location.