Select Property Management is a local organization that has been serving Bowling Green’s
rental needs since 1991, over 30 years. The company manages nearly 700 properties
throughout Warren Country - apartments, townhouses, condos, duplexes, and single-family
homes. Within this market, they have properties ranging from $795 - $2,495 a month, and pride
themselves on having ‘the best variety of properties in the area.’

The organization is owned by retired police officer Bruce Spence, but is managed (quite well, we
admit) by five, lovely ladies who can be found in their fairly-new occupational home on Ashley

Megan Walden, leasing agent manager, and Andrea Domina, maintenance manager, recently
commented on their excellent company morale, one built upon family values and transparency.

“We’re more like a family,” Megan said. “It’s definitely a work family, it’s a family environment.
That is, I would say, the main reason that all of us are so invested and dedicated to this
business is because we get treated like family. Around here, our boss [Spence] truly cares about
each of us individually. Our home life, our kids …”

Even when something goes awry, they said, Select Property chooses to adopt a more familial
style of conduct than the usual, corporate-styled practice of discipline. - A round table
discussion instead of ‘write-up’ paperwork.

Megan said that one of the quotes the company lives by directly corresponds to this tactic: Don’t
cry over spilled milk.

“We sit down as a team and say, ‘How can we prevent this from happening again?”

This sort of communication is just how Select Property operates on more than one level.

“We sit down as a team quite a bit to discuss anything important as far as a three-person
committee,” Andrea said. “We’ll sit down and make decisions as a team versus just one person
so we can all have inputs and we’re very honest.”

This approach also extends to their clientele, as well.

“When we talk about ‘we’re like a family’ as far as the way we run our business, we treat that the
same way, from our tenants to our owners,” Megan said. “It’s literally, like, if you want to be a
part of our family and ride this ship with us, we’ll take care of you.”

The organization put this rhetoric into practice after the devastation of an EF4 Tornado last
December. About 100 of the company’s units were affected, but their sole focus?

To take care of their tenants and make sure they were okay.

“All of the people that were in the affected areas, even if their building was not affected, we gave
them the month of January for free because they had been dealing with so much,” Andrea said.
That, ladies & gentlemen, is true, unyielding customer service backed by top-notch work ethic
and loyalty within a community - one amazing business to spotlight.

You can find Select Property Management at 1221 Ashley Circle or reach them by phone at