So, you're planning a road trip. How fun! But before setting out on the highway, get prepared for the journey. No matter whether you're heading to grandma's house for the day or taking a weekend getaway, knowing what to keep in your car for road trips is essential. To help you prepare, here is a list of items from SpeedWash Car Wash you should be sure to bring with you:

Registration and License -- Never leave home without your car registration, driver's license, and proof of auto insurance. This paperwork proves ownership and liability coverage in case of a mishap.

Snacks -- Eating out on the road can get expensive. By stocking up on snacks before leaving, you can satisfy hunger pangs no matter where you are on the journey.

Pillows And Blankets -- Bringing pillows and blankets on a road trip is a must. They provide comfort for passengers who want to enjoy some shuteye while someone else is behind the wheel. In addition, pillows and blankets provide security and a sense of "home" for younger travelers while traveling.

Paper Products -- Carrying tissues, paper towels, and a roll of toilet paper ensures you always have something to use to blow your nose and a way to clean up a spilled drink. Also, if you grab food on the go, paper towels come in handy if the drive-thru attendant forgot napkins.

First Aid Kit -- You should always carry a first-aid kit to be on the safe side. A basic kit contains a variety of first-aid supplies, including an assortment of bandages, iodine wipes, and other emergency healthcare items.

Spare Cash -- Having a little extra cash on hand when on a driving vacation in the car never hurts. For example, it will come in handy if you need to use a toll road or pay for parking. Your additional money helps pay for a variety of minor unexpected expenses along the way and is especially important if you're not sure you'll run across any ATMs.

Games and Entertainment -- Games and entertainment help keep younger road trippers occupied. If your vehicle features a DVD player, pack the kids' favorite movies and audio headsets for the ride. Other options could be a tablet computer, a handheld gaming device, or a good, old-fashioned pack of cards.

A Map -- The funny thing about maps is you never need one until you do. This old-school navigational tool never needs a satellite hook-up to get you where you're going. If your GPS fails, you can rely on a new paper map. And sharing the map with younger travelers is a fun way to build lasting memories of time spent together on a road trip.

Car Lighter Converter -- A car power adapter or converter offers drivers the ability to charge or power other devices using the car lighter. Depending on the adapter or converter, it can power or charge laptops, smartphones, tablets, CB radios, GPS systems, and dash cams during car travel.
Enjoy The Drive

No matter how many miles you're driving, be sure to enjoy the trip. Keep in mind that you could have some tense moments with the added excitement.

Driving in unfamiliar areas can be difficult and lead to last-second decisions and other poor driving behaviors. Always pay extra attention when driving in new places, and if you miss an exit, use your better judgment. Don't make risky moves to make up for missing a highway exit. You can always use the next one safely to circle back around or recalibrate your route from there.

You should find these tips from SpeedWash Car Wash helpful the next time you're planning car trips and driving vacations both near and far.