Keeping your car well-maintained is essential to reducing the chance of costly repairs. A well-maintained vehicle will often last much longer and give you peace of mind while driving down the highway. Staying proactive with car maintenance isn't free, but it's much more affordable than having to spend a lot of money on repair work at an auto shop.
Keeping a few maintenance tips in mind is a great way to save you money over the long term.

SpeedWash Car Wash highlights a few maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in great condition.

1) Rotate Your Tires

Choosing to rotate your tires is a great way to boost their lifespan. Each tire doesn't wear down in the exact same way, as it's a good idea to rotate your tires for every 5,000 to 7,000 miles or during each oil change. Staying proactive with tire rotation can also help boost the overall performance of your vehicle.

2) Change Your Oil

Not changing the oil often enough can lead to significant expenses and even damage your engine. The safest option is to change your oil every 5,000 miles for the best results. Always following the recommendations by the manufacturer of your car is also important in keeping your vehicle working at an optimal level.

3) Keep Your Battery Clean

Corrosion can eventually form on an older car battery, which can cause your battery to not function and leave you stranded. Buying a simple wire brush is an easy way to keep your battery terminals clean. It's also important to test your car battery at least twice per year while also inspecting it for any signs of corrosion.

4.) Replace Windshield Wipers

An often-overlooked area of vehicle maintenance is replacing the windshield wipers. It's a good idea to inspect your windshield wipers at the end of each season and replace them if they are damaged or if you hear a scratching sound while they are in use. Replacing your windshield wipers at least once per year is especially important in maintaining visibility on the road.

5) Inspect Your Spare Tire

Trying to make repairs to a flat tire while on the side of the road is never a fun experience for anyone. Luckily, a spare tire can help you get back to driving without the need for calling a tow truck, which can often cost you hundreds of dollars. However, it's important to inspect your spare tire and test its air pressure at least once a month to ensure it's always ready if you ever need to use it.

6) Avoid Driving Aggressively

Driving less aggressively isn't only important for avoiding accidents, but it's also helpful in keeping your vehicle well-maintained. Putting less strain on your car will allow it to operate much longer while reducing the need for making costly repairs to your engine, brakes, and any other areas of your vehicle. You will also improve your fuel efficiency, which can add up to a lot of money over time.

7) Wash Your Car Each Week

Choosing to wash your car at least once a week is more important than simply increasing its visual appearance. Washing your car removes dirt and debris, which can result in surface scratches. Even bird droppings can damage the clear coat of your vehicle due to its acidic nature. Staying proactive by washing your car frequentyl at SpeedWash Car Wash is a great way to avoid these problems and our unlimited wash clubs make it easy to do this affordably!

A vehicle is an important investment that can last for many years with proper maintenance and care. Following these simple car maintenance tips can keep your vehicle running at an optimal level while reducing the chance of spending money on costly repairs. Taking the extra time to perform these maintenance tips is well worth the effort to ensure your vehicle remains in excellent condition for a very long time.