Six Reasons to Rent a Car

You've probably only thought of renting a car when your main vehicle is in the shop. But renting a vehicle has more benefits, and many rental companies will stock a range of vehicles, from vans for moving home to high-end luxury cars for that special day. You may even end up saving money in the long term. SpeedWash Car Wash gives you six reasons for renting a car that you may not have thought of.

Wedding day luxury and bling

Your wedding is the most special day of your life. Renting a luxury convertible or sedan will give the big day some Hollywood glamour. Who doesn't want to leave their guest's jaws on the ground as they drive away, newly married, in a luxury car during their cinematic exit?

A hot date

There's something spontaneous and classy about driving to a restaurant or to watch the sun set over the sea in a top of the range car. Why not mix things up by renting a car next time you have a hot date?

Road trip

There are many reasons you should consider renting a car for your next road trip. Renting a car saves on mileage and wear and tear, which can increase repair costs and depreciate the value of your main vehicle. Using a rental car for that road trip can also offer savings if you choose one with better mileage than your current car. And by being smart, you can gain extra comfort, leg room, and luggage space, especially if your current car is a bit on the small side.

Moving house

Moving house and thinking of using the car? Don't. Choosing a van from a rental company will save dings and scratches on your car as well as having more room for items, which equals fewer trips and less fuel. It may also be cheaper to rent a van yourself rather than hiring a removals company.
Taking a test drive

If you are looking for at a new car, taking a rental model for a spin is a great idea. You can get a feel for the comfort, see how easy it is to park in your driveway, and test its power out on the open road, all without a pushy car salesman in the seat alongside you.

Add some space

If you have people visiting and need more space, consider renting a car with a larger capacity. This way you will not have to rely on cabs or Ubers if you want to take them out and about. And if you're visiting another city, it's also a great option as you will likely save a lot of money by going for this option over local transport.

Rental cars - the lowdown

Renting a car is a smart move if you need something temporarily. It could even save you money in the long run. SpeedWash Car Wash also thinks it could be incredibly good fun - you get to try the latest models without the hefty price tag.