Four Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. Many people count this period as their favorite of the entire calendar. But, there can be a big downside when it comes to health! Eating a poor diet and exercising insufficiently becomes more common during the holidays. Even people who have a healthy lifestyle the rest of the year can slip up during the holidays. In an effort to help everyone stay on their A game this year, SpeedWash Car Wash brings you four tips for staying healthy this holiday season.

1. Learn to say no. The biggest barrier to a healthy lifestyle during the holidays is often all the snacks and sweets other people have prepared. Sure, these foods are delicious -- and entirely refusing them may even be rude. However, there is no need to overindulge yourself. Be disciplined. Say no to seconds and practice moderation. These same rules apply to alcohol.

2. Continue good habits. If you already have some habits that are good for your health - such as regular exercise and eating healthy -- quitting these habits during the holidays is foolish. Yes, the holidays may be a time to relax, but that does not mean you should disrupt healthy patterns of behavior. Persevere and stick with the program.

3. Take advantage of extra free time. Almost everyone has time off work during the holiday season. Teachers and students may even have breaks lasting for weeks. This extra free time shouldn’t be wasted. Use at least some of your time off to exercise more, stretch and be active. With this approach, the holidays will offer an opportunity to be more healthy than usual.

4. Reduce your risk of illness. Good health is not just about eating well and regularly working out. Avoiding sickness is another major component especially during these times. Travel and large gatherings of people during the holidays can increase your likeliness of getting sick. Lower your risk by practicing by: practicing social distancing, keeping your hands away from your face and regularly washing your hands with soap and hot water. Getting a flu shot is also wise, especially if you are elderly.

You should be able to enjoy the next holiday season without entirely giving up on your health. SpeedWash Car Wash encourages you to make better choices during the holidays. A simple desire to be healthy and a little self-discipline are all you need.