1. Rinse Down Your Ride

Summer wouldn't be complete without a few road trip adventures. However, these journeys leave your car coated in dust, mud, bird doo-doo, and bug guts. Without cleaning, dirt and grime gets baked onto your car in the summer sun. Keeping the paint job looking as flawless as the Mona Lisa requires frequent car washes. Give your vehicle a sponge bath to rinse away destructive debris before it scrapes off the topcoat. Avoid letting your car air dry in the hot summer breeze. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth to wick away droplets before water spots form. Applying wax also gives an extra layer of protection against the sizzling summer elements.

2. Shade Your Sedan

Sitting in direct summer sunlight would make anything become wilted. Don't banish your car to the fiery hell of unshaded pavement. Whenever plausible, park your car under a shady tree. Clean out your crammed garage for parking space inside. Install a roof over your vehicle with a car porch or awning. Shade will prevent your car's exterior from crackling like bacon on the stove. If you're out and about on a sweltering summer day, unfold a collapsible sunshade. Windshield covers keep your dash and front seats from fading. Sunshades will also naturally cool down your cars’ insides. You'll be much less likely to suffer painful thigh burns when sliding onto leather seats.

3. Mind Your Machine Fluids

Guzzling down ice water keeps your body cool on steamy, sweaty summer days. Your car needs the same treatment to avoid the automotive equivalent of heatstroke. Ensure your vehicle is properly hydrated with ample fluids. Your car's revving engine relies on fluids to cool and lubricate essential parts. Without them, your engine can get too hot and look like a smoke machine. Pop open the hood and inspect the inner workings. Double-check the engine oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluid. Pull out the dipstick to determine your power steering fluid level too. When any fluids seem lacking, pour in more. Before heading to the auto store, consult with your car's manual. Guarantee that you're refilling with the right fluid type to avoid more harm.

4. Tap Your Truck Tires

If you're a beachgoer, you've likely sprinted across searing sand that burns your soles. Your car's tires can relate. Tires take a beating when rolling over flaming hot asphalt. When the mercury rises, boiling pavement can endanger your tires. Roads measuring up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit will do a number on any tire. However, deflated tires are in the most jeopardy. Tires without enough air can explode on scorching streets. Tire blowouts at breakneck highway speeds are extremely perilous. Before buckling up, test your vehicle's tire pressure. A simple kick will do in a pinch. Using an air pressure gauge is much better. If tires are flattening, re-inflate them to the recommended level for your car brand.

5. Recharge Your Auto AC

Air conditioning is a manmade marvel and lifesaver in severe summer conditions. Putting down the windows doesn't cut it on red-hot days, especially rainy ones. Gusts of humid air just make you feel like you're tumbling in a dryer anyway. Driving without air conditioning can be draining and deadly. Overheated, dehydrated drivers are more likely to suffer from car accidents. Thus, it's important to keep your AC system in peak condition. Vehicle AC units keep your driving experience cool, comfy, and safe. If your vents aren't blowing frosty air, it's time for a recharge. Recharging kits are available to boost the refrigerant levels in your AC system. Ongoing AC troubles warrant an auto mechanic trip to seal a leak or replace a condenser.

6. Bolster Your Car Battery

Everyone mistakenly believes that battery blues only happen during the frigid winter. In reality, your car's battery hates the drastic temperature change to summer too. The blazing summertime sun soaks up the battery fluid. When this evaporation is ignored, damage ensues. The battery begins oxidizing with corrosive rust. Corroded cables and terminals won't let the battery sustain a suitable charge. Eventually, you'll find yourself sitting in a car that won't vroom. Summer battery checkups are critical to keep your car from being sidelined. Prevent this debacle by running a conductance test with a multimeter. Clean up any battery corrosion and tighten loose clamps. If your car's battery is aging, contact a mechanic for a replacement.

There are many more summertime steps to preserve a perfect car. For instance, replace rubber windshield pipers hardened by heat before they scratch the glass. Slip on seat covers to shield vinyl or leather from the blistering summer sun. Promote ventilation by leaving your car windows down and installing a solar-powered auto fan. Apply paint protection film to stop ultraviolet rays like sunblock. Change air filters that become clogged with dust, pollen, and other allergens. If local laws allow, have your car's windows slightly tinted to reflect sunlight. A regular wash can also help you preserve the value of your vehicle all summer long. Look for wash club memberships at SpeedWash Car Wash and follow these surefire strategies to protect your car this summer and keep you safely roving the roads.