Whether you drive an old sedan or a brand-new sports car, you will eventually need to bring it into the shop to get serviced. However, it can sometimes be a little tricky to find a mechanic that you can trust - one that won't try to upsell you or mislead you. This month SpeedWash Car Wash brings you some helpful tips on what you can do to find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic near you.

1. Ask for recommendations
Ask friends and family to recommend a mechanic who has done a good job for them. Chances are that if a mechanic comes with a recommendation, they will want to do as good a job as possible so that you can also refer them to your friends. Try to ensure that you ask for recommendations from people who have the same brand and model of car that you have for best results.

2. Go online
There are several websites that provide information and reviews of mechanics in a particular area. A reliable and trustworthy mechanic will have plenty of great reviews from satisfied customers. You can also find out how a mechanic you are considering hiring is rated on several sites. Popular sites that provide this type of information include Angie's list, AAA's Approved Auto Repair Network, The Mechanic Files and The Better Business Bureau.

3. Check for certifications and qualifications
The best mechanics will have some certifications and qualifications under their belt. The most popular of these is the Automotive Certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. In addition, reliable mechanics will have certifications in specialized areas such as bodywork, engine repair, brake suspension repair, and others. Also, ensure that your mechanic has some years of experience to avoid having your car mishandled by a newbie.

4. Conduct a thorough interview
Conducting an interview with a prospective mechanic is another way to find out whether they will be a good fit. Good questions to ask include how long they have been in business, qualifications they hold and what type of vehicles they service. Look out for red flags such as unwillingness to answer your questions or outright hostility before making your decision.

5. Find out if they have insurance
Ensure that the mechanic you choose has insurance that can cover you in the event that your car is damaged in their shop. Your mechanic should have general insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and a business owner's policy.

It can be tricky finding a reliable mechanic to service your vehicle. Follow these tips however and you you’ll be on your way toward locating a mechanic that can be a good fit for you and your automobile. Don’t forget to stop by SpeedWash Car this month and take advantage of our April savings!