You don’t have to let holiday stress get you down. With a few easy tweaks to your daily routine, you can learn to love the holidays once again. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

1. Go potluck. If the thought of cooking for a house full of relatives stresses you out, host a potluck holiday dinner instead. Invite everyone to bring their favorite dish, so you can focus on a more manageable task.

2. Set priorities. From how much you spend to how many holiday parties you attend, surviving the season is all about setting priorities. You do not have to do it all; stick to the activities that make you happy.

3. Start shopping early. Holiday shopping is enough to stress anyone out, so get a jump start and beat the crowds. Pick up holiday gifts throughout the year, so you can spend Black Friday wrapping instead of shopping.

4. Do something kind. Doing something nice for someone else will make you feel good, and that can reduce your holiday stress. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and do good this time of year, so pick something meaningful and get going.

5. Get some exercise. Simply moving can reduce your holiday stress, so go for a walk, sign up for a charity run or play games with the kids. The exercise will do your mind, and your body, good.

6. Take a break. When you start to feel overwhelmed by the holidays, take a deep breath and take a break from the craziness. Whether you meditate, read or just sit and close your eyes, you will feel better after your stress-busting break.

7. Eat healthy. Holiday foods are not always the healthiest, so focus on foods that are good for you. When you do indulge in comfort foods, limit your portions as much as possible.

8. Schedule some me time. If you want to care for others during the holiday season, start by taking care of yourself. Schedule some me time to indulge in your favorite activities.

9. Stick to your budget. Debt can make your holiday stress even worse, so set a firm shopping budget and stick to it. You do not have to buy expensive gifts to show people how much you care.

10.Get plenty of light. Sunlight is in short supply in the winter months, and the lack of light can increase stress. Compensating with artificial light is a great way to lift your mood and fight holiday stress.

If you’re tired of simply making it through the holiday season, you may need a change of attitude. Holiday stress is a big deal, and it’s easy to be consumed by anxiety at this time of year. These 10 simple changes can help you not only survive, but thrive when the holidays roll around. Happy holidays from the entire team at Speedwash Car Wash!