Jumper Cables

If your vehicle is refusing to start, there is a good chance that your battery is dead. Fortunately, a set of jumper cables can usually get it back up and running again in no time. Once you get the battery started again, it may not be a bad idea to visit your mechanic. They may be able to give you more information on why it died in the first place.

A Tool Kit

A basic tool kit can help with some repairs if you are miles away from a garage. At a minimum, you should make sure that your kit includes a screwdriver, a multi-tool, some duct tape, and a set of pliers. These tools can allow you to fix most of the minor common mechanical problems that your vehicle is likely to encounter.

A First Aid Kit

In many states, you are legally required to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times and at SpeedWash Car Wash, we think it’s a great idea regardless. Generally speaking, your medical kit should contain antiseptic wash, sterile gauze pads and tape, disposable gloves, and scissors. These basic items will help you treat any minor injuries that may occur.

Hazard Triangles

Putting out some hazard triangles can help to warn other drivers that your vehicle is stalled or otherwise immobile. This warning then prevents oncoming traffic from hitting you, causing even greater damage. If you want to maximize your visibility even further, you can pair the triangles with some strategically placed flares.

Warm Clothing

If your car decides to die on you in the middle of winter, and you’re not enjoying the warm indoors in Kentucky, you will be glad to have some bulky clothing on-hand to keep you warm while you wait for help to arrive. Heavy sweaters, coats, gloves, and fuzzy socks will all do a wonderful job of helping you beat the cold.

Having your car break down can certainly be an inconvenience. However, it doesn't have to be a disaster. As long as you have these five essential items in your trunk, you can deal with many things that may happen on the road. Safe travels from your friends at SpeedWash Car Wash