1. Workshop Zone

A workshop zone is a flexible way to organize a hobby area in the garage. Whether it's bicycle maintenance, woodworking, or jewelry, a garage workshop zone provides accessible space for all hobby items. Consider a pegboard wall, where you can hang items for easy reach, or under-counter cabinets for hand tools and supplies. A counter and overhead lighting complete the workshop zone by giving you a stable work surface and ample lighting.

2. Landscaping Zone

Landscaping and gardening equipment can pile up in the garage. Even if you don't garden, chances are you have tools like a rake, lawnmower, or snow shovel. Add a tall garage cabinet or wall-mounted rack to keep tall tools organized. Open shelves are ideal for pots, hand tools, and other small items that could become lost. By getting things off the floor, you can clear space to push lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other items against the wall. This can open up the garage floor space, making it easier to walk.

3. Kids Zone

If you have children, leave one area of the garage dedicated to toys, games, and other items. Storage bins work well for children's clothing or toys, protecting contents against the elements. Clear bins are ideal, as you can see what's inside without opening the bins. Open shelving accommodates oversized items as well as bins, and nestles against the wall to keep the garage floor clear.

4. Seasonal Zone

Seasonal items are a natural match for garage storage, as you only need them for a few months of the year. Whether you have holiday decorations, winter sports gear, or summer camping equipment, consider the best type of storage for your needs. Overhead shelving is a convenient option because it gets seasonal equipment out of sight and out of mind, yet within reach when it's time to change things up.

5. High-Use Zone

As you organize your garage for a zone storage system, odds are you'll come across items you grab all the time. This could be trash and recycling, golf clubs or bicycles, or other equipment. For ease of use, keep all high-use items in a separate zone adjacent to the garage door, so you can grab and go.

To streamline garage organization, separate items out by zones and take stock of what you have. Toss or donate old, unwanted items, then determine the best storage solutions for everything that's left. Installing garage storage systems and getting things organized takes some time, but over the years it will save you time, frustration, and money because you'll always be able to find what you need. Lastly, the best item in your garage is your car! Keep it nice and clean by stopping by Speedwash Car Wash!