This is the big question that we get asked all the time in the car wash industry. I know you want to hear that we have a magical car wash where the dirt and grime on your vehicle comes off with incredible ease and no side effects. Our facilities offer gentle washing with modern materials and lots of soap for extra lubrication. Over time you may begin to see more apparent swirl marks or "spider webbing" in your paints finish. It is unlikely that you will be able to notice any of this micro scratching in your finish even after several washes, but sooner or later it will happen whether you wash by hand or take it through an automatic car wash. Even cars on a brand new car lot have some marks already in the paint. To help keep your vehicle as swirl free as possible, we must turn away customers with excessively dirty veihicles as the dirt on your vehicle is the main cause of scratching. The ONLY way to ensure that your finish remains swirl free is through proper and very meticulous hand washing with professional products. Simply applying a carnuba based wax every other month or a paint sealant every 6-8 months will greatly reduce the appearance of swirls and "spider webbing." Some waxes and sealants have "fillers" that temporarily fill the scratches for a smoother appearance. This appearance is temporary and will wear off more and more each time you wash. You can have a professional wax your vehicle or purchase your own products to do at home, but it is important to protect your finish from oxidation, road grime, and standard car washing. 


To achieve a flawless, mirror-like, paint finish takes patience, money, and extreme care. Cost of tools and materials to perfectly correct your vehicles paint finish can easily reach hundreds of dollars. Not only is it expensive to purchase the proper equipment for correcting your paint, but it also requires many hours of practice to learn the trade. If you inspect your paint in direct sunlight or with a bright light source right now it is highly unlikely that you currently have a flawless finish. Those who do have a flawless finish on their daily driver take great pride in their vehicle and spend several hours each month maintaining it. It's not easy to maintain a perfect finish and these enthusiasts have our respect.


At Speedwash Car Wash we offer a safe, convenient, time saving, gentle car wash service for those who don't have the time or patience to get involved in achieving a perfect finish after every wash. Although we cannot deliver this perfect finish with an automatic car wash, we can deliver a clean and shiny car that is sure to turn heads. With our Unlimited Speedpass allowing you daily access to our facilities, you, your friends, and your family will be impressed with the appearance of your vehicle. 


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