A Speedpass is an unlimited wash plan that allows unlimited washing at any Speedwash Car Wash location for low monthly payments! A Speedpass gives you the convenience of a clean and shiny car without spending valuable time to do it yourself. Actual wash time is under 3 minutes! Leave it to the professionals at Speedwash Car Wash to get your car clean! Every Speedpass member gets an RFID tag allowing instant access to your selected wash.  Wash as often as everyday if you please. We recommend washing at least once a week to keep your finish looking its best!


An RFID tag is applied to the windshield of your vehicle and is read when you pull up to the paystation. The RFID tag is linked with your account at Speedwash Car Wash and is accessible at any of our locations. This RFID technology allows for fast and convenient service to you.


These are the types of Speedpass plans we offer at Speedwash Car Wash:

  • 30 Day Plans - Good for 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Automatic Recharge Plans - Automatically draws payment at the 1st of each month. Pro-rated at purchase and cancellable at any time
  • Family Plans - Available for those interested multiple vehicles at our facility. Automatic Recharge ONLY.
  • Fleet Plans - Available for businesses that want to keep their fleet looking its best. Automatic Recharge ONLY. Request a quote today!

Each type of plan is availble for different washes offered at Speedwash Car Wash. Find out which one is right for you on our WASH MENU.