If you have any question or concerns about your vehicle going thru our car wash just speak to the manager on site. They will be more that happy to assist you with your car washing needs.


The vehicles that cannot enter our tunnel are:


  • Excessively muddy vehicles. 
  • Dual wheeled trucks
  • Vehicles with ladder racks
  • Tires and/wheels wider than 12 inches
  • Vehicles taller than 7 feet
  • Vehicles with a stance wider than 7 feet (measured outside edge of driver side tire to outside edge of passenger side tire)
  • Extended height full size conversion vans
  • Limos
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed tripod mirrors
  • Open-bed pickup trucks with loose debris, tools, or equipment
  • Full-sized HumVees
  • Custom vehicles that have been lowered from "stock" positon
  • Vehicles with bike/ski/wheelchair racks attached