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Family Friendly Halloween Movies You Can Stream

As soon as the leaves begin to change colors and the clock strikes midnight on the first of October, the desire to watch something spooky fills the air. Although it can be challenging to find a family friendly Halloween movie, Speedwash Car Wash is here to the rescue with five movies that the …

What to Do If Your Car Won't Start

A car that won’t start is a frustrating and sometimes scary situation depending on where you are or what you have scheduled in your life. A vehicle that refuses to start can be the result of more manageable issues or serious problems. If your car is not starting and the battery is fine, you …

7 Easy Ways to Help Your Car Keep Its Value for Longer

Very few people drive a car from new until it's ready for the junk yard. At some point, you'll probably want to sell your vehicle, whether in a private sale or as part of a trade in. Taking great care of your care will make a big difference to the price once you’re ready to sell …

Five Garage Organization Zones to Clear Clutter

Without organization, your garage can easily become a cluttered mess, right?!. Defeat the clutter and easily find what you need by using zones to organize your garage. This month, we're is bringing you five common garage zones to consider when cleaning and organizing the home garage.

The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars: Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Whether the world is ready to exterminate the internal combustion engine for good is a debate in itself. However, the current question looming in many people's minds is whether most of the world is ready to make the switch to electric cars. India is pushing to stop the manufacture of …

Recipe of the Month

SpeedWash Car Wash wants you to spring into the new season with this fabulous frittata recipe courtesy of loveandlemons.com. A frittata is similar to an omelette or crustless quiche. It makes for a great breakfast or a delicious snack. Plus, it’s vegan and gluten free.

Which Vehicles Have the Highest and Lowest Recall Rates?

When deciding which vehicle to purchase, it’s always important to look at the reliability of the vehicle before making any big decisions. For many drivers, one of the key indicators of reliability (or unreliability) is the vehicle's recall rate. This month, SpeedWash Car Wash is …

5 Tips To Prepare Your Car for Icy Weather

a car in winter can lead to unexpected car troubles. Luckily, preparing for these problems can help you more easily overcome them. This month, SpeedWash Car Wash is bringing you FIVE tips on how to prepare your car for icy weather.