Mystery Shopper Evaluation Form

Instructions: Please fill this Form out on the same day as your visit. Complete the Form by checking the appropriate boxes.

  • A score of 5 = Excellent
  • A score of 1 = Poor

Once received, we will mail you a $12 Gift Card for your efforts. Evaluations can be completed no more than 2x per year (per address). Your Evaluations will be kept confidential, so please answer with thought and honesty. Gift Cards are only mailed with proof of purchase, provide Sale ID # from receipt or Speedpass tag # to 1-866-334-8960. Be sure to include your mailing address.


Contact Information



Did the loader smile and make eye contact with you as he guided you onto the conveyor?:
Did he point at the instructional sign, give you a thumbs up and thank you after you followed his directions?:
Was he neatly groomed and appear to be pleasant?:
Was his shirt tucked in and in proper Speedwash attire?:
Number of visible employees working?:
Do they appear to be busy "taking care of business?":


Was the facility clean of debris in parking lot, grass, and landscaping?:
Were the trash bags at the vacuums empty enough for your use-not full near to overflow?:
Were the bathrooms clean, stocked, and orderly?:
Were there trash in or at the end of the tunnel?:
Did the walls and windows in the tunnel appear neat and clean?:

Quality of Service

Was your car clean, shiny, and dry?:
How was the quality of the free vacuums?:
Did the wash equipment appear to be working correctly and smooth?:
Were you totally satisfied with your visit today?:
What are the main reasons you chose Speedwash USA? (check all that apply)

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