Beer Aficionado 101: Main Beer Types and What Makes Them Unique

While beer used to be regarded as the drink of the uncultured and uneducated working man, it’s entered a bit of a renaissance in the past few decades, with craft breweries springing up across the nation, alongside bars that specialize in having a menagerie of beers on tap or available …


Maintaining a strong immune system is a proven way to fight infections, viruses and diseases. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic caused global concerns over healthcare and started a race to develop a vaccine. Boosting your immune system could help to fight the impact of viruses like COVID-19. This month …

Five Ways to Add Some Excitement to Your Daily Walk

If you're a regular walker, but your daily walk is starting to get boring Speedwash Car Wash brings you 5 ways to spice up your walking routine this month.

Fun Facts About the Four-Leaf Clover

While most people know very little about the four-leaf clover, the one fact most do know is that anyone who finds one is supposed to be in for a bit of luck. This month, SpeedWash Car Wash brings you everything you might want to know about the four-leaf clover.

10 Car Insurance Myths That You Should Clear Up Before You Buy Insurance

Car insurance can be confusing, making it possible to make the wrong choice and end up overpaying. This month, Speedwash Car Wash in Louisville, Bowling Green and Somerset, KY brings you ten ideas about car insurance that people tend to believe, and the truth about them.

10 Financial Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Whether they’re promises to lose weight or get more sleep, trying to do too much can backfire, leaving you in worse shape than before. The same pattern holds true for financial resolutions. Saving 20% of your income or paying off your credit card debt may seem like a reasonable goal in …


Our newest SpeedWash Car Wash location in Fern Creek opened in November with 17 days of free washes. This is the sixth SpeedWash Car Wash in Kentucky. The wash features a series of express exterior washes, full service inside and out washes, and express detailing packages, as well as our best …